Are You Ready To Move Forward?

We all have habits, buts it’s our habits of thinking that dictate our emotions, behaviors, personality, actions and therefore our results. Knowing your habits and how they show up in your life helps you be more successful – at relationships, at work…at life!

Here’s how we can work together...


I’d like to work with Erin one-on-one

Small Group

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Leadership Team

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Choose Your Focus


This session is tailored specifically to you.  We will take a close look at your patterns of thinking, identifying those that serve you well, and also those that make life harder than it needs to be.  We’ll determine which strengths to maximize, as well as those that are holding you back.  You will gain clarity on how to move forward, find joy in the moments and become your absolute best!

• Intimate exploration of your Habit Finder assessment
• 90 minute session 


This coaching engagement explores your thought habits formed from the experiences and encounters over your life allowing you to discover for yourself what you truly desire and then equips you with the tools and resources to create and move forward. It offers close and consistent accountability as you walk through the process of changing your habits of thinking allowing you to discover more of who you truly are!
• Starts with an exploration of your Habit Finder assessment.
• Personalized journey through the Habit Finder curriculum;
• 12 sessions, held every other week, spanning over 6-7 months over zoom
• Access to Erin for spot coaching in between sessions
• Course materials and resources


This coaching engagement allows for a small group of women to identify and change their unhealthy habits of thinking… together.  It fosters a community of trust as we make progress through accountability and application gaining freedom from all that holds us back so we can pursue our greatest potential!

• Starts with an intimate exploration of your Habit Finder assessment
• 8 sessions, held every other week, spanning over 4 months
• Capstone session and final assessment exploration with Erin
• Course materials and resources


This coaching engagement provides a deeper understanding of the thought habits of your leadership/management team and the culture its creating. Using the Habit Finder assessment and Team DNA report, an analysis will identify tendencies and opportunities that may be affecting your success as a team, and even greater, an organization. As your team utilizes the Habit Finder tools and resources, they will become more cohesive and experience progress toward your goals.

• One-hour conversation with the leader prior to the workshop to establish goals and unique needs of the team
• Team DNA Report Highlighting Team Tendencies and Opportunities
• Professional Workshops tailored to the identified areas of focus
• Access to Erin in between sessions for spot coaching
• Capstone conversation with Erin after the experience.
• Materials and resources provided for each team member

Desire to work with Erin but not quite ready to jump in?

Resources and courses forthcoming! Until then…let’s chat.