Are you ready for what’s next?

The key to moving forward is discovering what holds you back.

Do You Ever feel like…

~ you’re stuck and can’t figure out what’s next?

~ there’s so much to do that you can’t get anything done?

~ you know there’s more, but can’t seem to grasp it?

~ you’re constantly trying to meet the expectations of others, but fall short?

~ you have dreams or goals in mind, but have trouble bringing them to fruition?

From the moment we are created, we are formed with a purpose that drives from within. But through our experiences and encounters in life, we develop habits of thinking - some of which serve us well, others sabotage us from being our best self and truly achieving our greatest potential. If any of the above resonates with you, I can help.

“This journey has exceeded my expectations.  Erin is an incredible coach!   She is gifted with great wisdom and is trustworthy.  The pace and application are catered to my needs with flexibility, encouragement, and direction for growth every time we meet.  I can’t imagine working this effectively with anyone else.”

Kelly Z.

Here’s how we can work together:

Erin offers a variety of services to fit your needs from individual or group coaching; working with executives and leadership teams; as well as professional workshops and speaking engagements.

Clarity Session

Be Empowered!

Stuck? …and can’t figure out what’s next?       Looking for relief from the overwhelm?             Know there’s more, but just can’t seem to grasp it?!  This is where to begin.  Discover your thought patterns and gain clarity around what you desire most; let’s unveil what holds you back so you can truly live to your greatest potential!

One-on-one Coaching with Erin

Empowered Within

This engagement is for the individual who is seeking to change thought patterns through an exclusive one-on-one experience with Erin.  We will identify existing thought patterns, learn tools and strategies to maximize those serving you well & then shift those that are sabotaging your efforts…allowing you to move forward in freedom and whole-heartedly pursue what is next!

Small Group Coaching

Empowered Together

If small groups are more your style, this may be for you.  After identifying your existing thought patterns, we learn tools and strategies to maximize what’s working well, and shift what is not.  Group sessions include accountability, discussions of application and recommendations that allow you to achieve your greatest potential!


Leadership & Team Coaching

Empowered as One

Is something holding your team back?  Does progress seem to be slowing? Sales suffering? If so, this may be your necessary next step.  Let’s identify the interworking of your team, determine key elements of opportunity then masterfully apply tools and strategies to get your business back on track and maximize success!


Mindset is ‘the way your mind is set’ from the thought patterns you have in place.  These patterns affect your emotions, your decision making and even your personality. Until identified with the Habit Finder, there is an unawareness of these thought patterns as they develop over time from your experiences and encounters; some serve you well, others sabotage you by creating doubt and distance from what you want the most.  


Exploring your thought patterns allows us to then identify which areas to expand upon, and which areas would benefit from a shift.  By partnering with Erin as your coach, you will be able to expand your knowledge to learn and practice tools to establish greater connection with others, execute tasks with efficiency, and envision and fulfill your dreams.  


When you shift your mindset, and discover who you truly are, you find freedom from what has held you back.  You can be fully engaged, perform to achieve the results you desire and experience joy in the moments of life.  When your unhealthy thought patterns are replaced with new habits of thinking you will encounter lasting change allowing you to live to your greatest potential. 

Life & clarity coach, known for the way she connects with people.

Meet Erin

Her mission is to make a difference in the lives of individuals and beyond while having thought-provoking conversations; helping others truly work from the heart to free up space for the mind to decide, commit and move forward.  In doing so, this then invites them to dive deeper and achieve the greatest potential for themselves.  

why should I work with Erin

No one is meant to go it alone. When we do, those paths and benefits are often short-lived.
Would you consider yourself…  Independent?  A little stubborn?  Perhaps a survivor?
While these qualities may have gotten you this far, they may not take you where you want to go
next. If you’re…   Frustrated? Overwhelmed?  Or just hungry for more…It’s time.

Even the executive needs leadership.
Even the parent needs guidance.
Even YOU need a safe place to land.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  ~African Proverb