Meet Erin

Known for the way she connects with people, her charisma for life is felt in every circle.

She is fueled by her passion to serve others in finding freedom from what holds them back. 


For decades, she’s served others wearing a variety of hats as a registered nurse, health coach, caregiver, mother, daughter, friend…and through them all her authenticity has been the common thread.  It’s been said, ‘she’s able to neutralize the playing field by connecting with whomever she comes in contact with, from adult to child no matter the title or background.’ Humbled by her opportunity to serve others…her focus is to meet them where they are so they feel safe and accepted.    These experiences have culminated into her passion to serve others by helping them become clear on what they really want, and then leading them to find the freedom to pursue it. 

She now creates safe environments for individuals and groups as she helps them navigate through their thought patterns. These patterns affect personality, behavior, actions and ultimately…results.  Her coaching services offer tools and strategies for lasting change in relationships, in business and in life!

She works with: 

  • Mid-career Women
  • Leaders
  • Parents
  • Academic Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Adults in Life-Transitions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Retirees
  • Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Empty Nesters


While she’s driven to make a difference in the lives of others everyday, her family and faith are paramount.  With a focus to be engaged & present with her children, making memories with them is of primary importance as she goals to love and lead them well.  

Additionally, she enjoys the beauty and the adventure of the outdoors.  Whether it’s her own back yard or climbing a mountain.  She loves to laugh and finds joy in the littlest things…as well as helping others do the same.